Warrior’s Blood – Sneak Peek

Warrior’s Blood – Sneak Peek

As promised, I’m thrilled to share with you a sneak preview of Warrior’s Blood. The first in the Collective series will be released on the 14th of October 2017.


Kristen Baracas has survived a great many things in her life. The death of her parents, being turned into a slave by the clan who took their lives, dealing with her brother’s blood addiction problems, and surviving the induction programme for the Real Defence Network. Now she simply rolls with the punches.

As a vampire, it’s her duty to protect the human race. She has access to a superior blood bank, that being her feeding buddy and partner in crime Carlisle. Even better, she gets paid to rid the mortal realm of demon scum. Life is a party, and she serves up the heads of her enemies.

So, what if there’s a war going on? She can deal with anything. Well, except for crossing paths with a battle angel.

Joshua is a member of the Battalion; a warrior sent to the mortal realm to serve and protect. He didn’t expect to fall for a vampire with a chip on her shoulder, one who sets his blood on fire, even when she doesn’t have her fangs buried in his throat.

The pair must join forces to defend a safe zone under attack, while dealing with an attraction that might just be hazardous to their health.



Sneak Preview

Kristen sank her fangs into Carlisle’s fat, juicy vein and groaned at the first decadent taste. It was like a fine, expensive liquor burning down her throat and warming her every cell. So pure it was almost sinful.

He chuckled at the sound. His big chest rumbling against hers. She ignored him and continued to drink, lost in the sensations; the instant sating of her hunger. Kristen had waited too long to seek him out, to admit her growing need. Carlisle was her feeding partner, and he always knew. Add in the fact they were partners within the Realm Defence Unit, and she had no way of escaping his all-knowing eyes.

As it always did, her own blood began to heat, and had they been lovers, she would have rubbed against him. She would have demanded he satisfy all her needs. Carlisle was a beautiful creature; a Clanderian to be exact. Part bird and part lion, he also had the ability to appear completely human. So, it was a shame that he batted for the other team. Not a shame for the men he pleasured, obviously, but a shame she couldn’t sample the goods. Apparently, her lady parts weren’t good enough. Whatever.

Swallowing a smile at the direction her thoughts had taken, Kristen silently acknowledged the real reason she had waited so long to feed, why she always waited. The warmth invading her body, mixed with her affection for her friend, highlighted how cold and empty her trysts had become.

It irritated her that she continued to let her past sabotage her chance at happiness. She was a sensual creature and needed physical connection. Yet, instead of pleasure, she used sex as a form of self-punishment.

Detracting her fangs, Kristen soothed the puncture wound with her lips. “Thank you,” she murmured against Carlisle’s skin because, feeding partner or not, it was an offering that kept her alive and able to function.

“Feel better now?” he asked, scrutinising her face when she stepped back.

Kristen’s narrowed gaze clashed with eyes of red onyx. “I’ll feel better after a few drinks. I might even find someone who appreciates my lady garden.”

His laughter was a deep growl of sound that never failed to make her smile. “Kris. Whoever told you that you’re a lady was as drunk as you’re going to be later.”

She arched her brows at him. “Later?”

Carlisle shook his shaggy mane of dark gold, dipped in ink. “If I let you indulge now you’ll only go searching for trouble. You might have taken my offering, but I always know when you want to spill blood and you’re hungry for that, too.”

Couldn’t a vampire catch a break? She had to be partnered with the crème of the crop. The top of the food chain when it came to her species. She wasn’t bitter about being a half-breed. Honestly. So, okay it irked her that she was even associated with the bastards who had ruined her life, but being part Lechen was nothing to brag about on the best of days. A race belonging to the Clanderian species, the vile creatures had raped and tortured Valentina, queen of the Enraptured. She had conceived during her time in captivity, but Valentina had the last laugh. Kind of. She cursed the Lechens to a lifetime of painful hunger. They could not feed from another without permission, and they could only sustain their hunger with a member of their own species. Since the curse occurred at the moment of conception, the baby was cursed, too. That child became the first of the vampires.

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