Latest Release – Warrior’s Heart

Latest Release – Warrior’s Heart

The second novel in the Collective series is out now. I’ve added a sneak peek below. Enjoy!

Tamaya White is no ordinary witch. As a child she absorbed so much power, it had to be locked down tight.  After surviving a massacre that stole her entire family, Tamaya is consumed by the need for revenge. With the magic of her ancestors flowing through her veins, and a supernatural weapon named Del, she has enough fire in her belly to annihilate any demon who crosses her path.

She doesn’t have time for romance, what with raising earth spirits, and preparing to join a god’s dream team. So, it’s just her luck she finds her mate.





Preview of Warrior’s Heart


It was probably a bad idea to shower in such extreme temperatures, but as the water pounded against Tamaya’s muscles she couldn’t drum up the effort to care. It felt magnificent, especially since she didn’t have to fight for the privilege. Not literally – unless she hadn’t had her coffee – but queuing for a cubicle was like going to a festival without the benefit of music to drown out the pain.

It also beat the hell out of breaking into other people’s houses – abandoned or not – to wash off a few days’ worth of grime. And by grime, she meant layer upon layer of demon filth she carried from one battlefield to the next.

Her mission had been simple. Kill as many demons as she could, until she found a way to end the fucker who’d murdered her family. There were a few detours along the way. Saving a member of the Battalion hadn’t been planned, though she hadn’t been so far gone she could ignore a warrior angel in trouble.

By helping Joshua, she’d gained an ally. He was her wingman, and he had repaid his debt tenfold. He’d even convinced her to stick for a while and join the team at Grangefield, a safe zone controlled by the Realm Defence Unit.

Living at Grangefield had given her a sense of direction, a purpose other than grounding demons to dust. Even better, she still got to do that, and now she had a kick-ass team to back her up.

She didn’t get a great deal of privacy, and there was the whole communal bathing thing, yet she had found an extended family who accepted her, warts and all.

Now you’re making witch jokes?

Whatever. She was going to enjoy the shower, even if she’d come to regret staying the night. Most of the night. It was barely dawn. Tamaya still felt a sense of unease.

She’d met Matthew shortly after losing her family. It wasn’t unheard of for her to make rash decisions, but at the time she’d been making stupid ones. Who knew that a species as manipulative and conniving as the goblins had a few good eggs in the basket. Certainly not her. Matthew was living proof, since he’d saved her from a sticky situation or, worst case, an even stickier end. Then again, he was only part goblin – on his mother’s side – and according to Matthew, she was a royal bitch.

They hadn’t fallen into bed right away. Tamaya had resisted his charms and his ridiculous glamour. A glamour he didn’t need. Not something she’d pointed out. It was too personal, and she hadn’t been in a place to offer anything more than a casual friendship.

Even when she had caved, when she’d succumbed to the endless flirting, she never let him forget that they were temporary. Though, she hadn’t realised at the time how much she would miss the physical intimacy.

In truth, the decision was made for her the moment she met Griffin Cooper.

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