Gifted Series

Gifted Series

The Gifted is a supernatural romance trilogy, featuring James Pearson. The final book of the series will be published in 2018.

The Conduit – Book 1

James Pearson is a man with a secret, a secret he buried so deep he hoped it would never see the light of day. Until a series of events forces his hand and he learns that nobody can hide forever.

The catalyst for change comes in the form of an interpreter who is recovering from a personal tragedy. Laura Kane is about to discover that nothing in her life is what it seems. She is at a crossroads, and she must choose wisely. Otherwise, she could lose the one thing she treasures the most, her relationship with lifelong friend, Nicholas Carey.

The Missing Link – Book 2

James Pearson is a man who lives by his emotions – he has no choice since he feels everyone else’s. Born with the gift of detecting and interpreting the unique energies of those around him, he must come to terms with these abilities if he has any hope of conquering them.

Discovering his friend is in trouble sets off a chain-reaction. It begins with a series of nightmares; dreams in which he is saved by a woman he longs for even in his waking hours.

With the support of his friends, he faces the kind of darkness he once shied away from and which he must now conquer if he has any hope of surviving.