cropped-tester-1.jpgI truly believe the ability to write is part of my genetic make-up. Without it I have no identity. Creating different worlds and populating them makes me happy; it provides enough light to blind the darkness in my soul.

Sounds pretentious maybe, dramatic definitely, and yet it’s the truth. I’m an artist. I can be temperamental, moody and sometimes downright anti-social, but I love deeply and I try to be as good as I can be.

As a reader, and a writer, I enjoy a wide variety of genres. At the heart of my novels, there is always an element of romance. I just can't help myself. I write about connection, friendship and love in all its forms. If that's in a magical setting, an alternate universe, or a world where anything can happen, and often does - my characters don't seem to mind.

I love language in all its forms, and am fortunate to work in my second language (British Sign Language) on a regular basis. Being an interpreter allows me to immerse myself in a variety of settings and, even better, I meet a diverse number of people - most of whom find their way between the pages of a book!

You could say I'm somewhat of a geek, and you already know I'm a drama queen. I'm also a mother to two beautiful teenagers, who keep me grounded. We laugh a lot, me and my girls, and, as I enjoy to share the love, I try to channel my humour into my stories. Life is about connection and it brings me great joy (again as both a reader and a writer) to create and experience those connections.

Please feel free to drop me a comment and introduce yourself. I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by.