The Fractured Series

The Fractured Series

In the beginning there was darkness, and at the very centre, at the heart of it, was a light so powerful it was unbreakable.

Its power, the sole reason for being, was to survive.

For thousands of years the darkness tried to extinguish this power; its one true weakness. It began to close in on itself, hoping to snuff the life-force from existence.

An extraordinary thing happened. Instead of obliterating the power within, it created a catastrophic shift which caused the light to explode in a kaleidoscope of colour.

In the aftermath of the explosion, an unfathomable number of souls were born. At the centre of each, a power as bright and true as the heart itself.

There were other consequences. As the darkness settled, stretching to encompass this strange new universe, a network formed; fragmented systems of matter which would later make a home for the souls who lived within the darkness.

The heart had found new purpose: to create balance, and bring order to the ensuing chaos.

The souls on the outer layer of the darkness settled in whichever plane they could. For the ones who rebelled against the order, they became the Fractured; souls who belonged to no other, and chose to follow their own rules.

Each realm was governed independently, with a legion of souls to lead and protect their brethren.

Millennia passed, before the souls discovered a way to exist in both their chosen world and their home. The mortal realm was born so that every life they led carved a new path to their existence, an echo of themselves to create a universal strength.

But soon the Fractured grew restless. They wanted more power, more control. They waged a war with every living soul, poisoning the minds of weaker beings in an attempt to rule, and lend their power to the darkness.


The Contract – Prequel to the Series (Part of the anthology Changing Worlds)

After the Demonic War, a battle which devastated the mortal realm, humans now stick to the world’s major cities. To even the score, and to protect those cities, hunters joined together to establish cells across the globe. Maddison Wood is part of an alpha cell within the north of England.

Though a skilled fighter and powerful witch, Maddison can be brash, and unpredictable. She has a penchant for trouble, and is usually the first to volunteer in battle. When she accepts an assignment to protect the Hympe King, Tobias Locke, Maddison’s fate becomes bound to his. As the stakes change, and she finds herself trapped inside the bowels of an enemy camp, Maddison must fight for her freedom, her independence, and for a prisoner who has not seen the light of day for almost a century.



The Fallen – Book 1

After the Demonic War, a battle which devastated the mortal realm, hunter cells were established across the globe to serve and protect every living soul. Maddison Wood is part of an alpha cell in the north of England. But Maddison has a new role now; her responsibilities as Watcher. She belongs to a legion of warriors assigned to serve the Fallen; guardian angels afforded the privilege of residing on Earth.

When Maddison is drawn to the city by an event which resonates hundreds of miles away, she is thrown into the path of a newly fallen angel. But Obadiah is no ordinary angel. He is a Prime, and his presence symbolizes a new threat. There is a war coming, and Maddison must form an alliance if she has any hope of winning this first battle. After all, the Fractured are a formidable enemy; a group of lost souls – powerful creatures of darkness who crave to destroy those who belong to the light.


Badge of Honour – Book 1.5

When the Fractured descend on the mortal realm, and the Demonic War begins, Maddison Wood is the first to sign up. But when she follows her brother into the enemy camp, things go terribly wrong.

What began as a rescue mission, becomes her worst nightmare. Maddison is forced into slavery and stripped of all her power.

Trapped, she finds strength in the relationship she shares with her brothers, Zachariah and Michael. Together, they form an unbreakable, if unorthodox bond. The witch, the elf, and the vampire; a powerhouse of three.

After months in captivity, Maddison is offered a chance to escape. A chance that, for one of her brothers, comes too late. Michael finds his way out of one prison, only to be locked in another – the hell inside his own mind. Now Maddison faces her toughest challenge yet. She must find a way to bring her brother home, before they lose him forever.